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Annual Maintenance Contract:

Our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) provides our clients with extensive support plans to address requirements of managing our client’s IT infrastructure – covering both the Edge-IT Infrastructure as well as Core-IT Infrastructure. An annual maintenance contract (AMC) is an agreement with a service provider for the maintenance and repair of property used by your company. Annual maintenance services provided by us are fully customizable – and we can create a support plan just as required by our clients.

Our several years of expertise in providing support services help us deliver SLA based Annual Maintenance Services for Desktops, Server systems, Laptops, Storage systems, Networking products, and other peripherals. We care about improving day to day operations so we provide an AMC in order to assure the quality of product and process.

As Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Services provider, Zeetron Networksmaintains the IT infrastructure that provides dedicated man-power from offshore or on the site. In the Annual Maintenance Contract, our engineers visit the site to resolve problems and help clients prevent breakdowns.

Why Choose Zeetron Network, Jaipur, India?


  • 1. The advantage with Zeetron Networks Annual Maintenance Contract Services is this, we keep track of inventory and if slightly older pieces of hardware and software have any problems, we try to roll out. According to your business needs, we will find the most cost-effective solution. We always try to cut down the budget. We do not necessarily install the newest technology all the time. Our team knows that prices tend to drop once a new product has been around for a little while and if it is not required for the client’s business, We will never recommend the same. But at the same time, we try to look for ways to help you increase the efficiency of your IT software & hardware.
  • 2. Outsourced IT support with us can significantly reduce the burden on your own staff. With Zeetron Networks, your business will enjoy hassle-free IT support services, You will get the expert help and useful advice to assure you get the best from your IT systems.

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