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Network design and configuration are necessary for the smooth execution of your business, but many SME businesses have no in-house IT manager. Each business is only as fruitful as its weakest link – don’t let that link be your company network. An unreliable/unstable (or, broken, even worse) intercompany network can spoil a business while directly affecting the bottom line. Assuring your network makes sense for your business while sustaining proper connectivity and support is what our certified IT professionals do best through our computer network services.

Modern Data has the information and experience picked up from working with the biggest organizations to make your network work for you. We're here to simplify technology so you can adhere to what you specialize in—maintaining or running your business. Whatever your business needs, we'll give arrangements that fit in your budget. We are specialists in all network installation, redesigns, organizing administrations, and arrange support for your business.

Zeetron Networks is a Jaipur, Rajasthan based company, we offer network services for SME businesses, provide expert advice and guidance, as well as on-going IT support to keep networks fully operational.

Office network configuration is made up of using servers, PC hardware, routers, cabling, switches, and wireless access points. You could begin experiencing problems such as slow internet connectivity, or worse still, risk compromising the security of your data, if any part of network configuration becomes broken, or wrongly configured. Our clients do not need to worry about such technical difficulties because we proactively observe all critical hardware to identify small problems that could turn into more serious ones.

Our extremely talented engineers review the performance of all network hardware using a simple red-amber-green traffic light system and inform this back to business owners at regular intervals.

Why Choose Zeetron Network, Jaipur, India?


  • 1. We have experience of so many years in website and software development and specialized in developing eCommerce websites, customized web applications, brand identity designs, personal blog & corporate websites and responsive mobile-friendly websites and more.
  • 2. We always deliver the best quality products as our client’s satisfaction and review are very important to us. You can check the surveys of the past customers for better comprehension of the administrations. We have earned a decent name by conveying quality as well as valuable solutions to a great number of companies and move them over the challenge.
  • 3. We consider each project essentially as an exceptional and significant assignment and conveying it with top class is our top concern. Our group of professional and expert developers utilizes their mastery in their particular areas.

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